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Jeongseon Art Museum

Jeongseon Art Museum

Jeongseon Art Museum is located at Hochon-ri, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon-gun. Honcho-ri means a tiger village, which is filled with a unique rural atmosphere. Jeongseon Art Museum is made by remodeling a closed elementary school there. It shows one of the biggest firewood kilns in South Korea and holds a pottery experience center, a calligraphy center, etc. inside the building.   

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Characteristic: The nation's largest raccoon kiln
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  • Address: 1850 Sogeumgang-ro Jeongseon-gun Gangwon-do    
  • Phone: +82-33-652-3443       
  • Homepage:   
  • Holidays: Open year-round     
  • Hours: Always available    
  • Admission fee: Free    
  • Charges: Free           
  • Parking: Parking Allowed 
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Recommended Season: Four seasons    
  • Nearby Attractions: Samtan Art Mine, Auraji, Jeongseon Rail Bike       
  • last update: 2016-08-31   
Tourist guide

Jeongseon Art Museum is famous for its remodeling episode with a broadcasting program titled “Love House” in 2001. It has a long stretch of green grass in front of the art museum. There is an auto camping site at the entrance of the building. Right in front of the museum, there is a valley, which is all surrounded by mountains, providing a good place to take a quiet rest in summer. It displays many works of ceramics and calligraphy art inside the building, as well as kiln facilities and sculptures outside the building.

Tourist Tips

Jeongseon Art Museum is located at a quiet and peaceful place after being remodeled from a closed elementary school in 1998. It is a privately owned gallery, behind which water flows along the Sogeumgang River. There are many trees around the walls, protecting the art museum peacefully. Against these backdrops, visitors can feel the beauty of nature and art at the same time. By chance, they can be lucky enough to see pottery coming out of the kiln. As many works of art are displayed against the background of nature, visitors can be free to enjoy those exhibitions, going in and out of the building. While staying overnight in the auto camping site, visitors can forget about any big and small worries in reality and spend time leisurely as if they became old classical scholars. There are a bell and organ to signal a beginning and end of classes. They are authentic enough to create an illusion that visitors would relish a time travel by riding on a time machine. There are no stale backgrounds like convenient facilities, sightseeing facilities, and others, which can be found in any other tourist attractions. Therefore, such different scenery may bring more peace to visitors than in any other places. It is located at highlands amid beautiful scenery, so that it can serve as not only a resting place for tourists but also a work space for artists. It is so clean that even a miller’s-thumb, an endangered fish species, can inhabit here. Therefore, children can experience