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Regional Characteristics

Regional Characteristics
The Birthplace of the
Arirang representing the
Korean sentiment

Jeongseon Arirang Festival held in early October every year

Approximately 1,500 Arirang lyrics were handed down

Operated Jeongseon Arirang Theater and Jeongseon Arirang Traning Center

농사짓는 이미지
The best place to produce eco-friendly
agricultural and forestry products

66% of the total cultivatedarea has high altitude area above 400mabove sea level

The best place to produce specializedcrops due to high daily temperature difference and altitude difference

It is possible to utilize various resourcesof forests which occupy 86% of land.

The best place for tourism
development with
beautiful natural scenery

35 naturally occurring beauty spot, 69 cultural sites

Four seasons total resort area that preserved clean water and clear air

22 Famous mountains over 1000 meters above sea level and the birthplace of the Han River

Leading area of 21st century
highland tourist industry development

The locals available casino and the highest golf course in Korea (1,100m above sea level)

Create a culture of rail bikes usingunused railroad route

Natural environment skiingarea of 680m height